Sunday, February 24th

Posted on Sun, Feb 24, 2013:

The six members that were driving home left Christiansburg VA at 9:15 this morning. I-81 was packed with trucks on their northward deliveries. The Lord was watching out for us as we had a close call when a driver, three cars ahead of us, decided to turn left onto a service crossing while traveling 70 miles per hour. Of course, they did it without using any turn signals. All fifteen or so of the close by vehicles did what they should have and we all moved on un touched but shaken up. We stopped for lunch in Charles Town WV and then headed on to Eileen's home to drop of the flier's gear. Arrived there about 5:00 pm and found it much colder than it was in Birmingham!

So ends the St. Andrew's Mission Trip 2013 to Birmingham, Alabama. We all feel that God was with us and we hope that we accomplished all that he sent us there to do.

We'll be in touch with the details of the Appreciation Dinner.

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